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Richard Branson (1950 – ) British entrepreneur

May 27, 2022

On July 18th, 1950, Richard Branson was born in Shamley Green, found in Surrey, England, to Ted Branson and Eve Branson. Richard is a famous British Billionaire and business mogul. He grew his wealth from the 1970s when he founded the Virgin Group. The company now controls over 400 companies, all located in various industries. In March 2020, he was knighted, earning the title of Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson.

Richard started his entrepreneurial journey as a teenager at the age of 16 when he launched a magazine called Student. Four years later, in 1970, he registered a mail-order record business which he successively followed up by opening a chain of record stores named Virgin Records. In 1973, Virgin Records changed its name to Virgin Megastores. A few months later, Richard acquired a plane and changed his company name to Virgin Atlantic. The Virgin Atlantic company grew against all odds, going from one plane to owning multiple planes.

In 1992 Richard sold Virgin Records to raise funds for Virgin Atlantic. By the late 1990s, the Virgin group of companies was the largest conglomerate firm in the UK.

With plenty of roses comes some sharp thorns; Richard Branson hasn’t always been successful in his business ventures. Some of his failing ventures include Virgin Cola and Virgin Cars.

Richard Branson has been married twice and has three kids, one of whom is deceased.

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