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Charles de Gaulle

May 19, 2022

Born to a father who was a teacher on November 22, 1890, Charles de Gaulle, a former military officer who participated in World War One and a former French President, has become one of the world’s sensational icons. Growing up, he followed his father’s scholarly footsteps by writing books and articles on military subjects. Since he was working as an under-secretary of national defense, he was well versed with the criteria Germans used to choose their foremen and soldiers.

The formation of the “Free French” Government

He vented the French’s heavy reliance on the then line of defense against Germany in his books. True to his words, the German forces outdid France in June 1940. The only option France had was to form a pact with Germany, which de Gaulle disagreed with. His defiance caused him to flee to exile. It was not until August 1944, when Paris got its independence, that he decided to form a movement known as the “Free French,” which led to his position as the provisional government president.

De Gaulle as President (1959-1969)

When de Gaulle became president in 1959, he saw it best to guide France by drafting the Fourth Republic constitution. However, his government ignored his policies for a strong presidency, prompting his resignation. His attempts to influence the political environment through his new party failed, leading to his retirement in 1953. As fate would have it, the Algerian revolution in 1958 caused instability in France, wreaking havoc on the Fourth Republic. Once more, France approved de Gaulle’s constitution and elected him as president till 1969, when he resigned. He met his death on 9th November 1970.

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  1. Delbliss

    He was also a major in the Polish Army during the Polish Soviet War 1920


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