Mary Magdalene

May 1, 2022

As some people refer to her as Mary of Magda, Mary Magdalene is one of the devoted followers of Jesus Christ. She is mentioned four times in the Bible, and her story begins as a repentant prostitute. However, modern research from the discovery of Gnostic Gospels disputes her image in the Bible and suggests a closer relationship with Christ. 

In the four gospels, Mary Magdalene comes off as strong and wise, while some sources suggest she could have been wealthy and used her resources to support the gospel Luke 8:2-3.

Mary Magdalene in the Gospels

As mentioned in the New Testament, Mary is Jewish and one of the strongest disciples of Christ. She is said to come from a small town called Magdala on the shores of Galilee. On the contrary, her culture and behavior were gentile. 

She appears in the gospels Mathew, Mark, Luke and John as a major witness to major events in the life of Jesus, including his crucifixion, burial and resurrection. However, her personality is hardly mentioned outside of her colorful past. 

In Mark 15:47, Mary is seen as a witness to the burial of Christ along with Mary, the mother of Christ. Matthew 27:61 also depicts Mary Magdalene and the other Mary as witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus. She is also believed to be among the women mentioned in Luke 23:55, “the women who had followed him from Galilee.”

Mary in Medieval art

In Renaissance Christian and Western medieval art, Mary is dressed suggestively and extravagantly, contrasting the dressing of other women of the time. In the paintings of Artist Titian, she is shown in the nude with long blond hair discretely covering her body. 

Mary after Christ

After Christ, Mary is said to have been an evangelist of the gospel alongside St. John. The two are said to have visited the Turkey city of Ephesus, where Mary died and was buried. 

According to some historical sources, she evangelized in the North and South of France. Now, Mary is considered a saint by Lutheran, Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox churches.


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