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Prince Charles

April 30, 2022

Charles Philip Arthur George, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, was born in Buckingham Palace at approximately 9:14 p.m. on November 14th, 1948.

Prince Charles was brought up in extraordinary surroundings and enjoyed many of its privileges; the long-standing heir to the throne had an eventful life. We’re going to look at Prince Charles’s life from when he was just a young lad to his life currently. 

Royal Education

Prince Charles had the honor of being the first heir to ever go to school and university. He attended a school in Northern Scotland called Gordonstoun school and then moved forward to attend Trinity College, Cambridge, where he studied and graduated with a second-class history degree.

But that was not the end of the Prince’s educational journey. Ambitious Prince Charles went on to serve in both the Royal Air Force and Navy. He obtained a qualification as a helicopter pilot.

Charitable deeds

Prince Charles started a trust fund in 1976 to assist people who are struggling in the UK. He used his personal earnings to fund many community projects to improve the surroundings of civilians.

The trust fund has been a huge help to over 870,000 people thus far in areas of employment, education or gaining work experience.

His Marriage to Diana

He went on to marry the beautiful Diana Spencer at the St Paul’s Cathedral on July 29th, 1981. The wedding was a global event, and over 700, 000 people watched it on their televisions worldwide.

The Birth of Their Sons

Prince Charles and Princess Diana had two beautiful children. The firstborn Prince Williams arrived in 1982. Prince Henry (better known as Harry) was born two years after.

Divorce and Remarriage

Charles and Diana, unfortunately, hit the end of their wildly popular relationship in August 1996, after many years of various marital problems.

Charles was accused of infidelity with a woman named Camilla Parker Bowles, and this was what eventually broke down the marriage to an irreparable point. Thereafter, there was the tragedy of Diana’s death that took place on August 31st, 1997, due to a motor vehicle accident in Paris.

Charles then remarried Camilla on April 9th, 2005, in Windsor.

Prince Charles as the Eternal Heir

As of April 2011, Prince Charles is now the longest-serving heir to the Royal British Throne. This is also mainly because his mother became queen when he was at the young age of 3 years old.


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